We lead VIP Tours of Israel for those looking to experience Israel in comfort. Our Tour Guide is trained in any part of the country you want to see.

We can chauffeur you in one of our luxury vehicles (with WIFI and DVD player) and will make your life easier & save you time by taking care of all of your trip logistics (i.e. accommodations, transportation, cell phones, and reserving sites in advance).

We will personalize your Itinerary according to your needs & interests and can provide you door to door service (we pick you up at your door at the beginning and drop you off at your door in the end).

For more information check out our website: www.guidedtoursofisrael.com.

For sample Itineraries: https://www.guidedtoursofisrael.com/private-vip-tour-itineraries-1.html

For Itineraries specific to the Frum / Orthodox Jewish Community, see https://www.guidedtoursofisrael.com/torah-tour-itineraries.html


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