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The International School of Agricultural Sciences of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, has been providing English-language programs in the agricultural sciences since 1988.

About 3,000 participants from 125 countries participated in the International School’s programs held at the Faculty, of which more than 200 students from 45 countries have studied in the international, English-language M.Sc. Agriculture and M.Sc. Nutrition programs.

The major aims of the International School’s programs are to provide students with the opportunity to acquire advanced academic knowledge and observe up-to-date practical applications. Other objectives are to explore new fields and cultures; to exchange ideas, expand knowledge and share experiences; to contribute to capacity-building and problem-solving; and to create partnerships for future cooperation.

One of the key factors in the program’s success is the close relationship developed between the International School and the Smith Faculty staff with visiting students as well as among the students themselves. Students in the programs develop a network of contacts who share their interests and enthusiasm on academic, practical and social levels. Field-trips and social and cultural activities bring them into contact with Israelis of many walks of life. All of these experiences broaden their horizons and affect both the scientific knowledge obtained and the adoption of an overall attitude that is more open towards other people, cultures and ideas.

Courses in English

International Masters Programs:

– MSc Agri in Plant Sciences
MSc Agri in Environmental Quality Sciences
MSc in Nutritional Sciences
MSc Agri in Animal Sciences
MSc in Viticulture and Enology
Master in Development Practice (MDP)

International Courses
The Division for External Studies and the International School of Agricultural Sciences have been offering short-term training courses to the international community of professionals and policy-makers since 1988. The courses run from 25-60 days and are attended by a maximum of 25 participants. The courses include lectures, workshops, professional field trips, and sightseeing tours.

MASHAV International Courses
Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) Summer School
Summer Program in Agricultural Sciences
Tailored Programs

This school is featured in Secret Tel Aviv’s Prestigious Guide to ‘Best Places to Study in English in Israel 2019’.


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