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Yehuda ha-Levi St 51

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Yehuda HaLevi 51 | Hostel | $

The ‘Little Tel-Aviv Hostel’ has a newly renovated and decorated interior. Highlighting a contemporary and fashionable style, the emphasis is on comfort, so you will immediately feel at home! With great music on, you’ll feel the good vibes in our cozy common area. Here you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to hang out with fellow travellers, converse with the friendly staff, or just lean back in an easy chair or loaf around on the sofa and relax.

The Little Tel Aviv Hostel is located two minutes from Rothschild Boulevard, in hipster South Tel Aviv, surrounded by really cool bars and restaurants.

The hostel will be a showroom for art exhibitions and from time-to-time intimate concerts of young budding local artists who will share their talents with you in the lovely garden.

The entire planning and design of the hostel was the creation of architect and interior designer Batya Cavens. For more of her work visit www.batyacavens.co.il.

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