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Tel Aviv-Yafo

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CTLV offers a unique range of alternative tours in TLV, letting your explore parts of the city that are usually left unseen, even if you’ve been passing through them every day.

Most tours range from 1.5 to 2 hours. Based on your personal interest (or just trust us on this one) they can recommend combined routes. They take it slow and easy – their tours are walking ones and welcome all ages.

See how the city works, who lives where and why, understand and decode the complex relations between architecture, design, public space and people. Discover local oddities such as the mammoth beast of the south – Tel-Aviv’s central bus station (the second largest in the world!), learn about gay life in the 1930’s, uncover the freemasons’ mysterious traces in the heart of the city or get to know the local street art scene. You can join one of over 20 routes or contact us for a tailor made urban tour.

Some of the tours they offer are: 

Tel Aviv New Central Bus Station Tour

Our publicly acclaimed tour. Come with us as we go into the belly of the New Central bus Station of Tel Aviv.
Two and half hours of mysterious oddities, located in one of the most notorious buildings in Israel.
Join us to find out why it’s one of the craziest places in the country. Architecture, breakdancing, Yiddish and Tagalog, And what’s with all the graffiti on the 7th floor? and WHAT?! there’s a bat cave?!!! Curious?

Newe Shaanan

Take a tour in the most culturally diverse area in Israel, located between two central bus stations – the old and the new.

Walking through the main streets and public garden, we will talk about the differences between refugees, migrant workers and asylum seekers, and discuss the implications of a changing neighborhood. We’ll tell you all about the area’s history and let you in on our local secrets.

Grafitti Tour

Behind the busy Salame road, on the uncharted map of south Tel Aviv, many of the cities street art and graffiti artists work every night. Each with their unique names and style. Some known and some anonymous – who are they? What are they trying to do? Let’s see some art in the biggest gallery in the world: Our streets. 

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