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‘The Butcher Shop on Shenkin.’ Celebrity chef Yisrael Aharoni opened the shop at the start of 2020, providing fresh, aged and tasty meat of all kinds. From ground beef to schnitzel to Uzbek food such as Samsa and Pelmeni, Kastavia B’Shenkin is the go-to butcher deli of not only Shenkin Street, but of the wider-Tel Aviv area as well.

Son of Chef Aharoni, Uri, is confident about the rising local-feel of the street.

Shenkin has become a place for locals. Once it was full of clothing shops and people came from all over. The street died, now the new places are for people who live on or around the street.

The hipster butchery also has a deli section with amazing products from around the world – Italian handmade pasta, French butter, various oils and Asian spices, and local cheeses. “There is community energy,” Uri describes, “the butchery has cool, exotic stuff, and now Shenkin is the most fun Friday-street.”

Don’t miss the Friday Kebabs with Aharoni’s special spices, which people queue around the block for, as well as the occasional Chef Aharoni appearance offering exclusive cooking tips!

Be on the lookout for a Rotisserie Chicken shop from Chef Aharoni opening on the street in the near future as well…

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