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Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Hamatsesa is an Idea Embodied in a Factory

Since 2013 we have been fermenting cider, making fresh-pressed juices, vinegar, and a variety of jams from “ugly” fruits, which were deemed unmarketable and unworthy for sale in supermarkets and grocers. All this is done in a small factory in the hills of Jerusalem.

The factory’s main goal, its heart, is to promote successful agriculture in Israel. The “Matsesa” or the “Fermentory”, attempts to fix the built-in paradox in agriculture: the loss of large amounts of produce alongside low revenue.

Every year, around 20% of local fruit produce is thrown away, whether being left in the orchards and fields, or thrown away at the packaging stations. This high quality fruit is discarded because of small external flaws; a color that is not uniform, a size that is not standard or small bruises on the fruit.

The results are large compost piles of rotting fruit, and farms that can’t finish the month.

How can we prevent the waste of food, and lead to a more sustainable agriculture?

How do we help the local agriculture succeed?

The “Matsesa” has the perfect answer to this question.

By buying the unwanted fruit, and turning it into cider, juice, and jam, we provide a tasty and creative way to cut down on waste, as well as making a great product.

The question which we set out to answer led to a creative solution to reducing the waste that we found in agriculture.

By using the fruit that was already produced instead of importing fruit from abroad, we were able to use out of the box thinking for a sustainable solution. Our factory is the only one of its kind in Israel – using real fruit in order to ferment cider.

We offer apple and pear cider, that is 7% alcohol, whose bubbliness and flavor are reminiscent of champagne, and is sweeter than beer or wine and very refreshing.

In order to create our cider we use “Delicious” and “Granny Smith” apples, and “Spadona” pear.

100% Fruit Based
Local Produce – Israeli Fruits only used
Gluten Free
No Preservatives
No Additives


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