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Barzilai St 4

Category: ShopsTags: Hobbies and Music Store

Small boutique record store. Support your local dealer! Auerbach Records import new arrivals & 2nd-hand vinyl from:

Axis, Aniara, Basic Channel, Bio-Rhythm, Bunker, Clone (Jack For Daze, West Coast, Classic etc.), Congotronics, Creme, DanceMania, Delsin, Dial, Dolly, EDJ, Eerie, Equalized, Fachwerk, Field, Frozen Border, FXHE, Horizontal, Ground, IndigoInc, Inimeg, Jive, Klockworks, Kompakt, Latency, Laid, LOD, MAW, MahoganiMusic, MDR, Medical Records, Minimal Wave, Mistress, Modular Cowboy, Mote Evolver, Mourizio, Mord, Murder Capital, Nous’Klaer, Out To Lunch, Ostgut Ton, Pampa, Parallax, Peacefrog, Purpose Maker, Rephlex, R-Zone, R&S, Sandwell District, Semantica, Sistrum, Sound Signature, Sud Electronic, Sleeparchive, Smallville, Sonic Groove, Something In The Sky, Soundstream, Stones Throw, The Corner, The Final Experiment, Token, Underground Resistance, Underground Quality, Viewlexx, Warp, Wax, Workshop, ZYX, plus many many more…


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