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Zalul is one of Israel’s leading environmental NGOs dedicated to protecting the seas and rivers of Israel.

Zalul accomplishes its mission through conservation, activism, research, awareness-raising, and education. Zalul challenges Israel’s existing power structure and strives to bring the issues of water preservation and environmental protection to the forefront of the Israeli public.

Zalul was founded in 1999 by a few concerned citizens who recognized the dire need for environmental activism and advocacy in Israel. The group continues to wage strategic campaigns that target unchallenged municipalities, corporations, and the national government on the basis of their negligence and destruction of Israel’s most essential natural resource – water.

Zalul is responsible for some of the leading campaigns for water protection in Israel in recent years. It tackles environmental issues that other organizations shy away from, such as the preservation of the coral reef in the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba) and the fight for removal of the fish cages from the Red Sea. The Zalul team is comprised of dedicated professionals from various fields, including environmental science, law, academia, public relations, lobbyists, volunteers, and concerned citizens.

Although a small group, the Zalul team’s potency lies in the devotion of its combined expertise towards working for environmental change in Israel. Zalul is generously supported by various sources, such as the Kahn family, that do not jeopardize its uncompromising commitment to environmental protection.

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