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Founded in 2015 by the Jewish Agency, Israel Tech Challenge is a nonprofit dedicated to tackling the shortage of qualified high-tech professionals in Israel, specifically  Machine Learning and Data Scientists, Full-Stack Developers, and BI and Data Analysts. Taught in English with students from all over the world, our training program simulates the Israeli high-tech work environment allowing our students to adapt to the expected work mentality needed to succeed.

The programs are either 6 months of full-time or 9 months of part-time evening studies. Students undergo employable technology training, soft-skill career-building training, and gain practical real-world experience. All programs are developed in close collaboration with over 300 industry partners, who host our students for 5-8 weeks of projects and even hire them upon graduation. We pride ourselves that 96% of graduates find work in high-tech in their relevant field within 6 months.

ITC offers the following programs:

ITC.tech admission process is very rigorous and once accepted, we invest in you to realize your dream of launching a career in high-tech. ITC is offering a unique funding model that enables students to pay nothing until they find a job and start earning. Tuition is paid back as a percentage of salary once earning above a meaningful amount. We also offer additional scholarships and grants for students of all backgrounds.

For more information and to apply check out their website.

Student Testimonials:

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