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“Goren Shul”, was founded by Major General (Res) Rabbi Shlomo Goren ZT”L, the first Chief Rabbi of the IDF, Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv and Chief Rabbi of Israel. The shul was founded in the late 1950s with a vision to become the center for modern orthodoxy in Tel Aviv. Rabbi Goren, who was famous for bridging the gap between the religious and non-religious, had a goal for his entire congregation to always be open for anyone who wished to come in its doors, whether as a member or just as a curious on-looker. The shul’s architecture, designed by architect Aaron Doron, one of the heavyweights of the “White City” movement, also exemplifies this modern aspiration. In step with this tradition, the congregation, now led by Rabbi Chaim Eideles, is excited to open its gates to our community. 

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