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Mazeh Street 54, Tel Aviv

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Elifelet – Citizens for Refugee Children, is a volunteer-based NGO dedicated to supporting the children of asylum seekers from Africa who are living in South Tel-Aviv. Elifelet is a charitable organization that is not affiliated with any political party. Its volunteers are motivated by compassion and a sense of responsibility to provide humanitarian aid in the form of medical, emotional and educational support to the children of asylum seekers in Tel Aviv. This community of refugees includes more than 1,000 infants, children and their families living in the Shapira and Hatikva neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv. The organization provides active aid to 35 makeshift daycare centers set up by the community (sometimes dubbed “child warehouses” or “babysitters” by the Israeli media). It runs two after-school therapeutic facilities for children aged 3-10 who have been diagnosed as being particularly at-risk either developmentally, emotionally or financially. 

Elifelet’s Vision
Elifelet’s vision is to save the refugee children from the cycle of suffering in which they are entrapped, by ensuring their physical and emotional well-being, advancing their development and facilitating their adjustment to the Israel school system.

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