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Tel Aviv

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We have legal standing under Israel’s environmental laws to represent the public in environmental cases, and act as the national environmental watchdog. Our focus is on the human, lived-in environment. We are involved with issues of air and water quality, preservation of rural and urban open spaces, waste management and recycling, coastline conservation and environmental justice. We provide pro bono legal, technical and planning assistance and representation to thousands of Israelis every year through our Green Alert environmental help center.

We continue to address vital environmental concerns which impact on all spheres of Israeli society:

  • Nexus between health and environment: Promoting basic legislative frameworks to reduce chemical exposure in the everyday environment.
  • Recycling: Leading Israel’s recycling revolution towards new economic and environmental models.
  • Planning & land use: Advocating land use reforms that maintain the balance between urban development and the public’s need for open spaces.
  • Natural resource management: Promoting new strategic approaches to use and manage Israel’s finite extractive resources.
  • Environment & community: Promoting environmental justice by providing pro bono legal and technical assistance to marginalized communities.

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