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Tel Aviv-Yafo

Category: RepairmenTags: Mover and Storage

These days there is a trend of people moving to the cities, into more crowded areas, smaller houses with less space to store their things. However, conveniently there are still people in our neighborhoods willing to help out by letting us use their extra space.

We have the solution for you! StorEx.
StorEx is much more than just storage. StorEx is about the people, not about the boxes.

– Are you an artist or designer, and you have no where to store your portfolio or past projects?

– Are you new parents, with strollers and cribs that you don’t want to sell or get rid of, but have no where to store them?

– Maybe you are a sports lover and you have no where to store your equipment? Like the kite surf or your camping gear…

For all of the above, we have a solution that is local, affordable and safe.

At StorEx we understand that your things are not just “stuff” – they’re memories, experiences, emotions, inspiration and stories. They are you!


Given that we are a marketplace for storage, we don’t set the prices. The prices are set by the “Space Owners” themselves.


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