Alternative Solutions

Derech Menachem Begin 51

Psychotherapy for adults, couples and teenagers. I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT, and DBT practitioner. I help my clients to develop and practice skills

Cabinet L&L

Ben Yehuda St 32

We are clinical psychologists, certified from France, working in a private practice office in the center of Tel Aviv.  We specialize in individual and group

Asya Gindin Therapy

Tel Aviv-Yafo

I am a NY state licensed clinical social worker and a psychotherapist. I specialize in helping clients deal with and overcome various life challenges such

Get Help Israel

Tel Aviv-Yafo

We are the Association for English-Speaking Mental Health Professionals. It's the only place where English-speakers will find VERIFIED mental health and educational specialists, with detailed

Gabrielle Ninio Hallside – English speaking clinical psychologist

HaYarkon St 258

Gabrielle is Clinical Psychologist, and native English speaker. She has trained in Australia and Israel, and consults in both English and Hebrew. Gabrielle is experienced

Connecting Within

Yerushalaim Ave 32

Together, through dialogue and energy work, we can uncover and work with your deeper issues or relax, rest, melt away aches and anxieties. At your

Doctor Bakst Counseling Services

Fishman-Maimon St 17

For many, the decision to seek counseling is made during a highly stressful time such as a breakup, depression or a significant life change. Although

Ofra Shalev

Ahuzat Bayit St 3

Ofra Shalev is an English-speaking clinical psychologist working in the center of Tel Aviv near Rothschild. She has many years of experience working with adults,

Dr. Tova Lane

Derech Menachem Begin 51

I specialize in individual and couples therapy and offer discounted rates to recent olim.      Looking for more ideas?   

Sharon Kirschner – Therapist & Coach

Sharon offers private therapy to individuals & couples in English from her private practice in the Port of Tel Aviv. She specialises in working with