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Home-cooked food, cooked to perfection – stews, rices, stuffed vegetables – all...


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Tiny homely food joint with a tiny menu made my a Yemenite...

Han Manuli

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Israeli and French bistro.     Looking for more ideas?   

Saluf And Sons

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Yemen cuisine, great food and reasonable prices.     Looking for more ideas?...


Kosher Yemini meat-grill restaurant in Kerem HaTemini. It’s been serving happy diners...


New creation from celebrity chef Eyal Shani. Only open Wednesday and Thursday....


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Native tasty bukharian/ persian cuisine.     Looking for more ideas?   


Turkish Restaurant     Looking for more ideas?   

Abu Zaki

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Small and cozy place with good middle eastern food     Looking for...

Cafe Suzanna

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Middle eastern, european and french bistro.     Looking for more ideas?...

Julie Egyptian

Amazing Egyptian home-cooked food restaurant open for lunch. Located at the back...

Shamshiri Persian

Persian kosher restaurant     Looking for more ideas?