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Menachem Begin 144 | Midtown Tower, Floor 27

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MITT – Midtown International Treatment and Training Center was established by Prof. Adi Lorian, an expert in oral and maxillo-facial surgery and an international lecturer in the field and by Dr. Noa Berar, an expert in oral medicine and dental treatment under general anesthesia.

The clinic is located in the Midtown building in the heart of Tel Aviv, with the best advanced technologies in the field of dentistry and general anesthesia. The clinic has three operating rooms for dental treatment under general anesthesia and two regular treatment rooms, approved by the Ministry of Health.

The MITT clinic employs the best specialists in all areas of dentistry, from oral and maxillofacial surgery and dental implants through oral rehabilitation to mouth and joint odor problems, including the possibility of performing treatments under general anesthesia. At the MITT clinic, you can find a unique solution for each dental treatment in one place.

At the MITT clinic, the treatment plan is custom-built by a team of experts with an emphasis on quality and professionalism.

MITT Clinic is a study center for doctors from all over the world and runs courses in various fields of dentistry. The clinic has a large, well-equipped and innovative training room for lectures and practical experience.