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I’m a leading Israeli Life, Business Coach & a Motivational Speaker.

Performing in the Israeli media as a coaching specialist. I work with private people or Business owners in my studio in TLV, Israel, or internationally via Zoom. Have work experience with foreigners and Aliyah :-))

I created DIB mental coaching method based on the assumption that different is the NEW better. With a strong belief that success starts with accepting what is ‘different’ in you and turns it into an advantage. Then allowing yourself to do different actions and behaviors to create different & better results. Business and career-wise, we have to find and turn their ‘different’ into success.

I am the Israeli representative of Accumatch, the only Behavior Response (Neuro Patterns) Mapping system available today. Accurate and accelerating tool for companies, businesses, and HR Managers. A Canadian tech development that active in 15 countries and accurately and science-based uncover the neural pathways, habits, and behaviors.

Email or call for your Behavior Profile, a coaching meeting, or for booking a Leadership Public speak/Workshop!

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