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Tel Aviv-Yafo

Self exploration training


The Culture
Athleticult was created “organically” in the shores of Tel Aviv by a group of people that met “by chance” when training together although coming from different backgrounds they found more common grounds and similarities then differences. Some are Yogies, movers, Street workouts, Capoeira, Circus people, hand balancers, brake dancers, martial artists gymnasts and more.

The Vision
For many people “working out” means going to the gym is a chore and requires a lot of will power, for others it’s a joyful experience makes them grow and prosper both physically, emotionally and mentally, learning to practice and workout with deeper awareness, focus and understanding makes it possible for everyone. Athleticult aims to pass this to as many people as possible to improve peoples quality of life by being healthier, stronger, more grateful and happier.

The Training
The Training is varied and focuses more about self exploration than some pre-determined training method. You could find morning workouts and evening (sunset) workouts. the beach and the out doors in general is a much more inspiring environment (if enabling) for practicing and training with a deeper meaning that “just losing few pounds”, “getting ripped” or “getting a six pack”.

The Work Shops
1-5 day workshops include morning and evening outdoor workouts, breathing and meditation, hand balance, strength training, flexibility training, movement, Yoga and much more activity to incorporate in your daily life such as Frisbee, Slack line (walking on rope) and more. For more information and inquires please contact us.

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