CryoBank Israel

Sheshet ha-Yamim St 74

Cryobank Israel is the leading sperm bank in Israel since 2003, and is now proud to be the first and only Israeli sperm bank with

Steve Cohen – Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Consultant

Gordon 35

Steve has more than 16 years of experience in the fitness industry. He graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in Denver Colorado US in

Nurit Pollak Nutrition

Kochav haTzafon

I am a nutritionist and I do healthy cooking workshops (vegan, gluten and dairy free, recipes for picky kids), lectures and guided healthy grocery shopping.

Ofra Shalev

Ahuzat Bayit St 3

Ofra Shalev is an English-speaking clinical psychologist working in the center of Tel Aviv near Rothschild. She has many years of experience working with adults,

Dr. Tova Lane

Derech Menachem Begin 51

I specialize in individual and couples therapy and offer discounted rates to recent olim.      Looking for more ideas?   

Eitan Mijiritsky Dental Clinic

Raoul Wallenberg St 18

Dr. Eitan Mijiritsky Dental Clinic is an expert dentist that operates out of his local Tel-Aviv Clinic. Dr Mijiritsky specializes in dental rehabilitation, teeth whitening,

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Dr Gil Barzilay – Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Tel Aviv-Yafo

Hi. My name is Gil and I am a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist from Borshim Campus, Tel Aviv University. I have a BSc in

Sigal Consulting

מפלסת את הדרך להצלחה מקצועית, הגשמה אישית והתנעה של הסטראטאפ שלך    Looking for more ideas?   

Sharon Kirschner – Therapist & Coach

Sharon offers private therapy to individuals & couples in English from her private practice in the Port of Tel Aviv. She specialises in working with

Dina Bright Yosef – Bright Bump to Birth & Beyond

Dina Fay Bright created Bright bump to birth & beyond to be a place for pregnant women and new moms to ask questions and receive

Baby Base

Hei BeIyar 46, Tel Aviv

Hi, my name is Fiona. I'm a child development specialist and sleep therapist and mother of two amazing children Karni aged 19 and Ori aged

Daphna Mansfeld MD

מאז שאני מכירה את עצמי אהבתי לצייר, אומנות ואסתטיקה. בצעירותי למדתי אומנות, וקיוויתי למצוא עצמי עוסקת בעיצוב, בישול או ציור. עם גיוסי בגיל 19 מצאתי