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Shalma Rd 13-11

Our specialty is plant and flower design in urban space.
We are very thrilled to share our ideas and talents with you.

At least twice a week, We awaken at the crack of dawn to hunt down the freshest and most exquisite flowers and plants from nurseries around the country.

We always follow the seasons and use only floral materials at their best.

In our nursery, we grow our own flowers and plants in order to be able to keep our high-quality standards and our unique style.

As partners we join a perfect mix of skills, while Margo is a Flower designer, educated in Holland, Shoshan is a Garden
designer and Agronomist based in Israel.
Together we create unique designs that combine locally grown flowers and plants with a classy European touch.

We design flowers and greens for any event venue, indoor and outdoor locations. Huppah, car or bicycle, bridal bouquet, crest, jewelry and any other flower decoration you can think of big or small.

Urban landscaping takes on elements of a Zen Garden as we try to do more with less space. We know how to create small pockets of green peace within a hectic Israeli environment.
Urban landscaping is very different from traditional open-air, suburban design.
In the city, in apartments, and in office buildings, plants face a variety of conditions seldom found in their natural environments. These include urban pollution, limited lighting, dry atmosphere and the challenge of container gardening.

We also provide complete landscape and garden support services, including plant and system maintenance, plant replacement, and seasonal rotations.
In our designs, the priority is the quality of flowers and plants, simplicity and good style are what we find most important.

You can count on our skills, professionalism and lots of imagination that we are happy to share with you to make your wishes come true.

We have the expertise to work with you or your company every step of the way from design and concept to amazing flower and plants arrangments.

The doors to our beautiful Tel Aviv boutique are always open to you.

You can always stop in for some fresh inspiration or to meet our talented team behind Shoshan’s.
Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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VIP Offer
5% discount includes wedding designs, bridal bouquets, car decoration, and flowers and plants


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