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What is Verbit

Verbit is an innovative end-to-end transcription and captioning solution that leverages AI, machine learning technology, and human transcribers to provide a record breaking speed and highest accuracy for any kind of content.

We deliver the fastest and most accurate transcription and captioning results regardless of file size, subject complexity, speaker accents or audio file quality. Our mix of AI technology & human proofing solution allows us to create a unique platform consisting of machine learning algorithms and thousands of professional transcribers.

Moreover, our web-based management platform allows the customer to monitor every step of the process. The entire process provides full transparency on all ends; the interface the client sees is the same we see and the transcribers see. We provide some of the most competitive pricing on the market with the highest quality and speed for our clients.

Working at Verbit

Verbit is full of energetic, fun, and creative people coming from all different backgrounds. Our diverse workforce consists of people from almost every continent around the globe! Also, the startup mentality allows room for individual growth in addition to the following perks:

– Amazing office in the new building on Yigal Alon with a beautiful view of Tel Aviv
– Great company culture with happy hour every Thursday
– Almost 100 customers as a startup!
– Global conglomerates such as Coursera
– American universities such as Florida International University
– Growing extremely quick with over 40 employees in 14 months

Other cool quick facts
– We raised $11 million seed round
– We were the first company to move into the new building on Yigal Alon Street!
– Jobs for internationals include: Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service
– We have so many good restaurants around our building; the options are endless- oh and delicious!

Check out open positions

Check out open positions

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