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HaBarzel 32, Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv

Meet vcita

vcita helps small business owners and entrepreneurs build and manage a business they are proud of. Our easy-to-use business management platform address all day-to-day needs of SMEs, allowing them to remain competitive and succeed in a digital-first environment.

vcita’s digital tools help busy solopreneurs and small teams automate time-consuming admin tasks like scheduling, payment collection, and marketing campaigns, so they can focus on creating great client experiences. Close to 1.5 million businesses around the world use vcita to manage their time, money and clients and grow their business.

vcita also empowers SMEs through strategic partnerships with leading global enterprises, such as Mastercard. vcita was founded in 2011 and currently employs around 170 people in its Seattle and Tel-Aviv offices.

Why is vcita a great place to work?

vcita was established with the vision to empower small business owners with the tools they need to build a business they can be proud of. That vision is deeply rooted in our company culture, as members of all teams aim to make real impact on the lives of our clients, their families, and their employees.

Aspiring for impact is a big part of our company culture, as employees seek and are given opportunities to innovate, develop, and create ever-improving solutions for our clients.

Diversity is another integral part of vcita’s DNA. This is demonstrated through gender equality within the company with a 50-50 split between men and women. We’re proud to say that relatively 10% of our employees are LGBTQ, 66% are parents, and nearly 25% are 40+ years old. We have non-Jews working alongside ultra-orthodox religious Jews. Diversity is a priority for us when we recruit new team members, and we are true believers in inclusion.

With that in mind, we continuously strive to understand our employees and involve them in company decision making. We keep open lines of communication through round table meetings, personal and team meetings, and anonymous poles. Our decisions, as a company, are made from the bottom up.

Listening to our employees and acting accordingly is a considerable contributor to their wellbeing. Added to that are a flexible, delivery-driven, trusting work environment, encouragement of work-live balance, and company fitness activities like yoga and Pilates, which are offered on a weekly basis via Zoom.

Another main aspect of our DNA is giving back to the community, which we do in several ways: pan-company annual volunteering (food bank, retirement home, etc.), purchasing seasonal employee gifts and supporting businesses or non-profits which employ people with disabilities, supporting Sunrise Israel, a nonprofit organization which supports kids with Cancer and their family. We donate to Sunrise regularly and participate in their annual 10K run.

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More cool quick facts

vcita was founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneur, Itzik Levy (co-founder of Kidaro, purchased by Microsoft). With offices in TLV, Seattle, and Florida, the company is 170 employees strong, and growing, always on the lookout for talented professionals to join the team.

Check out open positions

Check out open positions

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