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What is lool Ventures?

lool Ventures is an early stage, value-add venture capital firm based in Israel. We invest in (or even start) young companies that create powerful consumer experiences, unique technologies or effective business models ,to create high growth business opportunities in web applications and services.

Investment Focus.

– We value teams that are diverse, supportive of each other and exceptionally committed.
– We value software. We value IP.
– We value doing over talking. We are more likely to invest our capital in teams that already invested their own resources and actually created something.
– We think Global. We appreciate teams that think global from day one, and validate their thesis with their target markets.
– We are vertical-agnostic. The world is changing is so fast these days, what’s a vertical anyway?!
– We have a preference for startups with Israeli founders. We were Israeli founders. We know the pros and the cons, we think we can help maximize the value of the first while working around the later.

What does lool mean?
If you write lool, in lower-case, or turn it upside down, it kinda looks like 1001, which is a subtle hint of just how much we subscribe to the view that software is what it’s all about in the digital era.

It turns out lool is also an Hebrew word, and it means a Crib, or a Hatchery, or a Chicken Coop. In fact, we like to think of lool ventures as all of these combined – a place where precious things are born and raised, and quickly grow.

Quick Facts:

  • Established: 2012
  • HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Notable Exits:  zooz, KIDOZ, and Shopial
  • Partners: Avichay Nissenbaum, Yaniv Golan

Find Jobs in lool Venture’s Portfolio Companies: 

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