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What is Jolt

‍Jolt’s mission is to help professionals like you design a brighter, more rewarding career. How? Through conversational, stackable learning. Our vision is next-level learning that’s as affordable, as available and as addictive as coffee.

In today’s business world, learning once isn’t enough. To win, you need to continuously acquire new skills, network and experience, and Jolt is here to help you get there.

Why is Jolt a Great Place to Work

As a company with a mission to revolutionize education, employee growth and development is a core value at Jolt. We recognize and appreciate that the best individuals are choosing positions based on the experience and educational value it can provide for them. By choosing to come work in Jolt you choose to accelerate yourself professionally.

Other cool quick facts?

Jolt employees are exceptional individuals. They are always involved in at least one crazy endeavor: a non-profit or a personal project. They have passions, dreams, and ideals, and the skills and talents to make them a reality. They are movers and shakers.

This company is featured in Secret Tel Aviv’s Prestigious Guide to ‘Best Companies to Work for in Israel 2019’.

Check out open positions

Check out open positions

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