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Meet Growthspace

Growthspace was founded on the belief that successful talent development not only benefits individuals, but also drives a business forward. Our platform is designed to support personalized and outcome-driven growth and development programs, including one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions with industry experts, internal mentoring, and group coaching and workshops. Leveraging the world’s most robust talent development dataset and network of global experts, Growthspace works with employees and organizations to achieve successful professional growth and performance, at scale. Hundreds of customers currently realize the benefits of the Growthspace platform including Siemens, Microsoft, EY, and Zoominfo.

Why is Growthspace a great place to work?

1. Remote-first workplace: At Growthspace we offer you multiple, flexible working options – so you can be your best self and do your best work, wherever is best for you.

2. Equal opportunities: We ensure equal representation and career advancement opportunities for minority and underrepresented groups across the spectrum.

3. Space to grow: We believe every person can make meaningful contributions if their company gives them the right environment for continuous learning. And that’s exactly what we provide.

Cool Facts:

– Year founded: 2019
– Total amount raised (so far): $44 million
– Number of employees: 100
– Presence in: IL, US, UK, CA

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