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Tel Aviv

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What is AltaIR?

AltaIR is a VC fund with over 20 years of fund management experience, and a portfolio of over 15o companies. They have managed to have over 20 successful exits. They manage funds that invest in the world’s most promising companies with disruptive ideas and great return potential. They invest in early and growth stage startup companies in various sectors. Their portfolio companies represent key players of the startup industry, top incubator graduates and promising teams.

Quick Facts:

  • Established: 2010
  • HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Size of Fund: $350M+
  • Notable Exits: Guesty, Juno, Socure, CarPrice, Unomy, Panda Doc.
  • Partners: Igor Ryabenkiy.

Find Jobs in AtaIR’s Portfolio Companies: 

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