Lemon TLV

Y.L. Perets Street

We are the 5-star cleaners! For over 3 years our team had been involved in managing luxurious 5-star properties on Cape Cod, MA. The magnificent

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Naalya (Her Shoes)

Nahalat Binyamin 6, Tel-Aviv, Israël

great shoes store and shoes repair shop    Looking for more ideas?   

Sandlerit Giora

Ibn Gabirol 59, Tel-Aviv, Israël

shoes repair and duplicating keys shop.    Looking for more ideas?   

Monsoon Laundry

Laundry Service: Wash, Dry and Fold - 8 Kg = 50 Nis 12 Kg = 70 Nis Dry Clean 25 Nis for a pant or

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www.kvisi.com kVisi - אפליקציה לשירותי ניקוי יבש, גיהוץ וכביסה. בזמן שנוח לך. פשוט, נקי! - מחירים נוחים - אפליקציה ידידותית - מעקב רציף אחר התהליך

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