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Furama Dim Sum

Tags: 785, 696, 902, and 735

Chinese dim sum restaurant.     Looking for more ideas?   

Xing Long

Tags: Asian, Chinese, and Delivery

Similar to the Chinese restaurants you find in the US, this is...

Long Sang Chinese

Tags: 785 and 902

Excellent Chinese restaurant in central Tel Aviv. Frequented by locals and serves...

Dim Sum Shop

Authentic dim sumshop in the heart of Tel Aviv     Looking for...

The Chinese Wall

Tags: Asian, Chinese, and Kosher

Kosher Chinese-American style Restaurant.     Looking for more ideas?   

Peking Duck House

Tags: 785, 902, and 685

Traditional chinese and asian cuisine     Looking for more ideas?   


Tags: 785, 902, and 685

Asian restaurant. Serves mainly chinese and thai food. It has a sister...

China Court

Tags: 785, 902, and 685

One of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Israel! Try the seafood...

The Chinese Sea

Tags: 785 and 902

Amazing Chinese seafood restaurant. Get shared hotpots, dumplings where the locals eat...

Dim Sum Station

Tags: 785, 696, 902, 685, and 735

This looks like a regular asian fast food place, but don’t be...

The Red Chinese

Tags: 785, 902, and 685

  Famous old Chinese restaurant located in North Tel Aviv. Also serves...