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Tel Aviv-Yafo

Edge Game Servers is a hosting company interested in providing fast, reliable, and affordable services for regular or occasional web & game servers owners. We are extremely interested in our clients receiving the best services available, therefore ensuring the continuity of our company, and our reputation as one of the best providers.

– About the Founders

Daniel “Dan” Hamilton & Ben “Benjamin” Sakhai have been gaming for more than ten years, and have acquired a high level of knowledge in this domain. They know how the feeling of competition can drastically drop when your server is not doing great. This is why they focus on the quality of the servers provided, making sure that every single one of them runs as smooth as possible. The idea behind all this, is to keep you, the client, happy and entertained.

– Available Locations

01. New York, New York (US EAST)
02. Dallas, Texas (US CENTRAL)
03. Chicago, Illinois. (US CENTRAL)
04. Seattle, Washington (US WEST)
05. Frankfurt, Germany (EUROPE)
06. Paris, France (EUROPE)

With these locations being all over the US + Europe, it should provide good pings for most gamers who are looking to use our services. All of our game servers run on the latest server hardware and they will give you the edge needed to dominate the competition.


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