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Opened as an ice cream shop in 2015, the owner Yoav realized the lack of pizza on Shenkin Street. “In the beginning, everyone told me I can’t put pepperoni or bacon as toppings because of religion,” Yoav expalins. “I said ‘f*ck it’, people in the neighborhood want that.”

Yoav Pizza began to offer good pizza at a low cost, making ingredients in the shop while keeping ice cream on the menu. Being a resident of Shenkin, the shop also encouraged the community energy.

The new shops bring in more business, and many of the shop owners live on the street. We barter for ingredients are products, and even help each other in case of emergencies. There is a friendly atmosphere. It’s the start of the Shenkin revolution.

If you are craving a tasty slice of pizza or need to satisfy your sweet tooth, even during Shabbat, Yoav Pizza is your place!

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