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Ben Gurion Blvd 40, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Category: Best RestaurantsTags: Japanese and Sushi

Sushi in Tel Aviv can go either way – it is either great quality, a nice place but ridiculously overpriced, or it’s a fast food chain where you mostly eat fried rolls filled with vegetables and fish that looks like it’s ten days old. For sushi lovers this is not a great scenario. This is probably why YAN became a favorite so quickly; the little restaurant located in the corner of Dizengoff and Ben Gurion has a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and most importantly, great food at reasonable prices! The fish is fresh and tasty, they have a wide variety of specialty rolls, the usual nigiris, sashimis and makis in filling combinations and some great appetizers and noodle dishes. If you still have room for dessert, you can give one of their light mousses a try, or make the most out of their location and walk around Dizengoff for some crazy desserts!

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