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Montefiore Street 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

TYO, the Japanese lounge bar located on Montefiore Street, looks on the outside to be just another beautiful home in Tel Aviv. However, the inside has much more to offer so make sure you stop in for a meal, or two (you’ll probably want to go back to this one.)

There’s definitely not a shortage of sushi in Tel Aviv, but if you’re looking for an exotic menu with loads of options and a more upscale atmosphere to match, this is your place.

TYO offers an assortment of both classic and specialty rolls, tempuras, nigiri, Tamaki and yakitori, each with their own unique presentation. You won’t be disappointed with ordering either fish or vegetarian at this restaurant because each roll continues to be fresher than the next.

If you’re hungry when you first arrive — which you definitely should be — have a look at everything TYO has to offer for first courses on the menu. You can’t go wrong with their classic miso soup, but if you really want to spice up your meal, try going for the Tuna pizza TYO style. This twist on a classic favorite will make sure to please not just your taste buds, but your eyes as well.

TYO has both indoor and outdoor seating depending on what kind of atmosphere you enjoy. If you’re looking to watch the sunset from the street while nestled in their back balcony, this is a perfect option, however the indoor seating definitely has more of the Japanese-restaurant feel.

The only bit of a downside to TYO is that their prices are just like their food quality — high. However, if you’re looking for a great meal TYO will not disappoint and it’s worth the splurge. Try to go with a group to split meals and lower the price, or go for special occasions. Still, TYO is a Tel Aviv must try and don’t let a few more shekels discourage you from making a reservation.

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