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Nahalat Binyamin St 3

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This beautiful, bustling “secret garden” is located near the top of Nahalat Benyamin. It therefore serves as a perfect haven of refreshment in the midst of Nahalat’s vibrant garment district-turned-artisan market.

Jonesy’s indoor seating upstairs is comfortable and stylish, but even on a hot day you’ll want to enjoy the large, verdant  outdoor area hidden in the back. The shade produced by all the trees shelters the deck and creates a natural cooling effect (with the help of a few fans!), resulting in the look and feel of a private urban garden.

As you settle in under the leafy canopy and start sipping your ice cafe, the energy of the nearby market somehow magically disappears. Especially on hot days, you’ll find it difficult to leave this shady retreat for the hustle and bustle (and heat!) outside.

Jonesy Gardener has a great selection of juices, coffee, tea, and other drinks, and a lunch/brunch menu filled with interesting and tasty variety, from light fare to substantial meals with Mediterranean, English, and American accents. If you choose to eat something you’ll have a great excuse to linger even longer in this refreshing hideaway!

The team wait staff is polite and attentive without hovering. “Jonesy” himself is almost always present and cheerfully involved in making sure that his guests are well tended, fed, and refreshed.

Make this delightful “garden” spot part of your next visit to Nahalat Binyamin!

Hours: Sunday through Friday, 7:00 am to sunset (closing time differs by season)

Open Shabbat beginning at 8 am

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