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King George Street 32, Tel Aviv

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This restaurant is so special that we have not one but two awesome guest reviews from the Secret Tel Aviv Community – thanks guys!

Review 1: Written by Liat Kisos

Goodness is your friendly neighborhood street-style diner, that just so happens to produce the single most satisfying and mouth-watering vegan burger in the Middle East. With all its vast competition in Tel Aviv alone, Goodness’s very own mushroom burger takes the (plant-based) cake with its enticing rich and earthy flavors. You can make this a cheeseburger, customize or double it to your liking and it already comes with delicious caramelized onion and juicy, heavenly flavors that melt in your mouth.

They additionally offer the widely known beyond burger as an alternative, as well as a Schnitzel burger and a Mexican black-bean burger. Add their innovative and oh so delicious plant-based egg along with the vegan cheese if you really want to go to town.

Trust me, this burger is so good, it should be illegal. Especially since it doesn’t harm any animals in the process and doesn’t leave you feeling gross after. Too. Good. To. Be. True. While you’re there, try their milkshake alongside the burger to complete your “muschat” experience. Except it’s not really immoral at all

Review 2: Written by Scott D. Renwick 

Goodness have done for burgers what every other restaurant in Tel Aviv offering a vegan burger has failed to do. They paid attention to the details and not only got the flavor right but also the texture, so their burgers are really something you can bite into. Their double burger can satisfy the biggest of appetites and their range of other offerings includes an array of sauces which makes for the complete fast food vegan dining experience.

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