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Felt Street 14

The Eucalyptus, a Kosher restaurant located in the entrance to Jerusalem’s artist colony, just a stone’s throw away from the old city walls, Jaffa gate, Mishkenot sha’ananim and the Western wall.

A visit to the Eucalyptus restaurant is a unique and unforgettable culinary and cultural experience. The restaurant is headed by veteran Jerusalem Chef Moshe Basson and his son Ronny Basson, who use a modern interpretation of local and traditional cuisine. Moshe’s passion for biblical culture drove him to explore and revive local and ethnic recipes that date back to ancient times and that have nearly been completely forgotten, while using herbs and spices which grow indigenously in the region of the Judean desert and the Jerusalem hillsides. These include: hyssop, wood sorrel, nettles and sage, which have gone unused and nearly forgotten for hundreds of years.

Many dishes on the menu are a sort of culinary recreation of ancient times while other take the traditional ingredients and utilize them in ultra-modern cooking techniques to create a refreshing novel cuisine style. The contrast and play between old and new reflects the oppositeness of Jerusalem and its many facets, and provides a multi-dimensional dining experience. Among the large variety of dishes you will be able to find Salmon Sashimi in nettle oil, crispy Pastilla stuffed with duck and dried fruit in red wine, slow cooked lamb in a traditional clay dish sealed with pita bread, and a home aged ribeye steak regarded by many diners as the best in Israel.

The restaurant resides in an ancient stone structure with a magnificent terrace with a panoramic view to the old city and the historic neighborhood Mishkenot Sha’ananim. Here you can enjoy the majestic sunsets over the city with our innovative cocktails such as fig martini with sage and balsamic vinegar, or garden Gin and Tonic with cucumber and mint. A rare combination of passion for cooking and striving for excellence brought to the creation of a restaurant that provides a wonderful and unique dining event for any Jerusalem and food lover.

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