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1 Hashikma Street

Get your Crave on! Our gourmet menu is crafted from the finest local, wholesome ingredients we find or make ourselves, and features Jerusalem’s best bread artisan and meat purveyors. We cook all our tortillas, charcuterie, pates, & roasts with love, in-house and round out our offerings with craft Israeli beers and signature highbrow cocktails.
We are passionate about excellent food & believe there are no shortcuts. The response from the Jerusalem and international community proves we’re doing things right. You’ve got to visit and see for yourself – come late on Thursday night for our special limited menu. You’ll see Crave is an absolute Jerusalem phenomenon.

When you eat our food and share our good vibes, you are part of the Crave family. You’ll find your menu favorites and lick your fingers from every drop of goodness. Then, like family, you’re invited back to #CraveMunchRepeat.

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