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Blair Street


Located in Tel-Aviv Port but away from the sea, next to the amphitheatre and close to the Reading parking lot. This is the Weihenstephan brewery’s “shop window” in Israel with seven different types of beer from the world’s oldest brewery. Here you will find an original and extensive Bavarian menu with Pretzels, Schnitzels, Sausages and more. The Sausages are not just ‘sausages’ – some of them were made especially for the 1040 Biergarten by sausage maker Alan Talmor.

Open daily from 5pm – Friday & Saturday from 12pm – until last customer.

Happy Hour Sunday – Thursday on all the draught beer until 8pm.

Biergarten is part of the same family as Molly Bloom’s Irish Pubs on Hayarkon and Sarona.



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