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Nahmani St 36

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Bana – Be your Best! Bana is a unique vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv. The restaurant offers a proper dining experience while promoting a plant-based diet. The two chefs, Chanoch Shechter and Dan Arvatz, have created a constantly-evolving menu that is fuelled entirely by plants. To get the most out of each vegetable, fruit, grain, seed, etc., classic and modern cooking techniques are applied and they sure ban from their kitchen any processed item!  You will enjoy a great experience and leave fulfilled and feeling healthy. The goal of the restaurant is to promote a healthy and ethical lifestyle, which is essential for them to raise social and environmental awareness. You can also enjoy the different partnering with local boutiques and producers for a complete experience.

This restaurant is included in the ‘Best Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv’ and Secret Tel Aviv Guide.

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