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Aluf Albert Mendler St 6, Tel Aviv

Welcome to Molly Blooms – a.k.a. ‘That Pub Where Conan Likes to Drink’

Ah, the Irish. We don’t have enough Irish people in Israel. That being said, I feel that Ireland possesses the qualities that Israelis admire. Lots of lechaims (ok so they say Sláinte chugat,) a religious-controlled state (so it’s Catholicism instead of Judaism – big woop,) and some of literature’s finest writers (here’s looking at you Frank McCourt, James Joyce and Oscar Wilde).

Being a writer, a drinker and an appreciator of all things Irish, I leapt at the opportunity to drink and dine Irish style. 

Cool fact: Molly Blooms was recently put on the map by one and only funny man, Conan O’Brien. Conan was recently snapped enjoying a Guinness at 11:00 a.m., a nod to his proud Irish heritage and akin to throwing up Irish gang signs in Israel. We hear you loud and clear Conan….

So ya, it’s been years since I enjoyed a good pub night.

I ordered the Magners Irish Apple Cider on a whim and with a few hail Marys said (sorry mom but when in Ireland, it’s hail Mary instead of Holy Moses.) So let me tell you….cider in Israel is harsh, alcoholic and sweet enough to send you into a diabetic coma.  But the Magners Irish cider at Molly Blooms simply can’t be beat. It’s light, cool, crisp and refreshing with a touch of sweetness. Score 1, Irish cider. Score 0, Israeli cider – you suck.

Molly Blooms also offers a really well rounded selection of food, ranging from tasty pub grub (burgers, schnitzel and all that jazz) to authentic Irish fare (homemade shepherd’s pie, Irish Beef Stew and Belfast potatoes). 

Let’s start with the Irish lamb sausage – the stuff of Mary Had a Little Lamb dreamsIt just goes without saying that anything renowned Israeli sausage chef, Alan Talmor touches is gold. This exclusive lamb sausage blend will send you straight to meet Saint Patrick himself at the pearly gates of heaven, and is ONLY available at Molly Blooms.

Served on a pillowy bed of creamy, buttery mash and drenched in delicious Guinness sauce, with a side of mustard and sauerkraut, I would consider it a glorious death to die feasting on their lamb sausage. (Bahh.)

The burgers at Molly Blooms are huge. I’m talking the size of flying saucers huge (250 grams)!

(Side note: I finished maybe ⅔ of mine before I just gave up – it’s so huge.) It was a hard choice deciding which type of cheesy goodness to smother my burger in (cheddar, gouda, bouchet or stilton).  But…life’s all about choices I guess.  I finally decided on thick, smelly bouchet cheese because the night was all about taking risks and making untraditional choices. The burger was cooked perfectly and came with a side of Guinness mayo – because I am a firm supporter of alcohol infused food.

Molly Blooms is the perfect place to sit with friends for happy hour drinks or tasty pub grub. No matter which way you’ll have it (beer, whiskey or cider), Molly Blooms is the ultimate destination for Irish food and drink.

Written by Secret Tel Aviv’s Guest Blogger Vanessa Perplies.

This bar is included in the ‘Best Sports Bars in Tel Aviv‘ and ‘Best Burger in Tel Aviv’ guide!

Check out the original Molly Blooms Hayarkon here and the new German Beer Garden Biergarten 1040.


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