In the heart of the Kerem, this bar feels like home, a special place with a nostalgic playlist and a friendly crowd. Malan 18 is one of those places where they remember your name and your drinks, and have great happy hour prices that last all night (get your second beer for 10 NIS). Dog friendly, cosy, with excellent Indian food on Thursday and Fridays, Malan 18 is a true local bar and a magical place.

Malan 18 is owned by Daniel Behar. Check out his inspiring story in Secret Tel Aviv from May 2018:

“I spent years working in shit industries, spending hours infront of PC screens, waiting for the day to end so i can go somewhere and forget that life is made of this endless cycle of rubbish. The money was good but the soul was emptied day by day, happiness was getting vacations, but even that felt always too short, how can one clean a messed up brain in a few days?

While going out and about I came to notice that a lot of bars in Tel Aviv feel like clubs more than bars, almost no relationship with the barman/maid, the owners were mostly never there and it did feel like I was just sitting in money machines, as if most bars were trying to compete with clubs… The separation between a club and a bar was/is blur.I remembered the days Id sit in France or Spain in bars that were social places, the bartender was often the owner, everyone knew your name, everything felt familiary, the bar had a social role not just an economical one.

One day I woke up and decided, I will follow what I wanna do, I will be happy.
I have always dreamt of owning a bar, a social place, get people to meet eachother, make sure people are in a place where they feel safe, happy, warm.

I took a bar, not because I wanted to make money, I could make much more elsewhere. Not because I thought that “having a bar in Tel Aviv is cool”, but really because I wanted to create this special place for people to feel at home.

It is much harder than I thought but I have faith in Karma, do good and good will come.

All this to say the following :

If you feel connected to the huge monologue above, and are looking for a job. If you like people, are a social person able to make peiple feel comfortable, I want you as a barman/maid. PM me
Languages are a big advantage as most of our clients are olim or foreigners that live in Tel Aviv”

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