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Rothschild Blvd 10

Located in the center of Rothschild, one of  most happening of areas of Central Tel Aviv, is the very cool and exciting bar Billie Jean. This half indoor, outdoor venue attracts lots of Tel Avivis and tourists throughout the year, especially in the summer time. The drinks are great and aren’t too pricey, and the bartenders are more than happy to keep filling up your shot glass. The music varies from night to night but typically they bring in great DJs to keep the crowd excited. The venue isn’t too big so it tends to get packed in, but on a night when it’s a little more empty it can be a very chill scene. On weekends you’ll find people dancing on the countertops and tables and always having a great time. It’s a great bar to pregame at or to party at all night long, and you can’t miss it being in such a great location.

Written by Secret Tel Aviv intern Georgia Slater. 

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