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Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv-Yafo

The Topsea Surfing Center is the first of its kind in Israel and was set up to provide a one stop shop which caters to the needs of every surfer at every level – whether it be teaching the basics of surfing or organizing adventurous trips to surfing spots around the globe such as the Maldives, Costa Rica and the penultimate North Shore of Hawaii.

The Center was founded in 1957 by the legendary Topsea, who initiated the Israeli Lifeguard Association and was the first to introduce surfing into Israel.

Topsea himself was a surfing instructor who taught the art of surfing and was also the first shaper in the country. 50 years later Orian, the youngest son of Topsea, runs the center carrying on with the traditions and legacy of his father.

Our main goals are to promote the sport of surfing and at the same time to raise awareness of the environment so that the sea and the coastline are protected. The centre stands at the forefront of the struggle to keep the beaches clean and the sea free of pollution and ensuring that the beaches in Israel are open for the general public to enjoy. We have a team of dedicated legal volunteers who jump into action when necessary and we have organized several demonstrations in the past to achieve this purpose.

We are constantly experimenting with new equipment for the local community and use the most updated methods of instruction. We believe in giving the surfer the ultimate experience such as providing the most suitable boards, wetsuits and accessories for 
each individual. We can order your new board for you, either locally or internationally shaped, we have the latest range of cutting edge wetsuits and a large variety of accessories freeing up precious surfing time.

Orian, the Center’s Director, has been surfing for 38 years and is an experienced lifeguard himself. He leads a team of professionals all of whom are devoted to the Center’s goals. All are true and dedicated watermen with years of experience in surfing around the globe.

Visitors to the Holy Land from overseas can use the Center’s resources and experience a spot of surfing on their travels by renting surfboards and equipment, having a few surfing lessons and getting advice on where to go and what to do during their vacation in Israel. They can contact us before they set off in our direction for recommendations, guidance and information.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!


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