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Who are This is Not an Ulpan?

The name gives it away… this alternative language school founded in 2012 challenges traditional adult language learning with their refreshing and unconventional style. This is Not an Ulpan or TINAU for short, teaches both Hebrew and Arabic and aims to create a community of language learners confident to discuss the complexities of Israeli and Palestinian society and politics.

Ok… so they are not an Ulpan?

They are not an Ulpan so much as you won’t be expected to sit around studying endless textbooks and grammar charts. Instead classes are much less rigid with grammar, reading and writing approached in a far more fun way. Lesson focus is on speaking and everyday conversations, with emphasis placed on learning outside the classroom in real life situations (think a visit to the Shuk, cookery or even yoga lessons!)

Courses here are not just for beginners, advanced learners can brush up on their Hebrew by studying “What’s going on in Israel?”or look to refine their Arabic through “Palestinian Culture and politics”.

What about the course options?

Classes are taught both in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and online, and learners of all levels are welcome.

Students can choose from:

  • 4 week intensive morning courses
  • Evening courses
  • Private tutoring

TINAU also offers volunteer opportunities for those who’d like to get more involved and save a little money. And they organise a range of different events which students and non-students alike can get involved in.

What are the course dates?

So what do students think?

Student reviews of TINAU are seriously positive, with the view that the relaxed and varied nature of the teaching style enables them to build confidence, and, most critically, SPEAK their new language!


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