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We are an a company that specializes in building state of the art Real Life Game Experiences. We are offering 2 types of games in our facility:

Sinner’s City

Sinner’s City by LOGICA Escape Rooms is the winner of the First Israel Escape Room Convention 2017’s “Best Room with an Actor” award. A blend of live theater performance and an escape the room experience for up to 8 players and in 3 different languages. The team behind it are the pioneers of the Escape Room industry in Israel who have built some of the best ER in Israel. Sinner’s City has celebrated recently a year since being opened, and it already had nearly 3000 games, some of which were for high profile clients such as Coca-Cola, Wix, Teva and Ikea, Television shows and special features in the news, and for special events like birthdays, bachelor parties and many other occasions for family and friends.

Las Vegas Show

Las Vegas Show is a new invention from the minds that brought you some of the best (and first) Escape Rooms in Israel and are now pushing the envelope further. A game where the players become contestants of a TV Show with a real host and plenty of different games and missions to play. Inspired by real TV shows from around the world, the game shifts constantly and allows players to feel as if they’re on a real Game show that will fit their level individually. ​

All activities are available in English, Hebrew and Russian.

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