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Beit Hilel St 7

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An Escape Room like you’ve never seen before! Israel’s first and best augmented reality escape game is an experience is out of this wold! (literally). It is so cool and different from what we’ve been that we don’t even know if “escape room” is the right term for it.

The story: It is 2116, oil is no longer a primary resource for energy production. Our enemies are in a severe economic crisis and Israel has become the leader in space. IAI, in close cooperation with NASA, are creating the space station EDEM. This is a unique project, the spacecraft is turned on and fully operated from the earth. A team of soldiers and officers who operate the station with Avatars.
But as life teaches, not everything is so simple. You are a professional team of reservists and a few hours ago you received an call of an emergency at EDEM. Everything suggests a critical failure in a reactor station. Previous efforts failed and only you and your team can fix the problem before you get disconnected from your Avatar. You have 60 minutes.

You don’t have to imagine yourself in space, you can actually see yourself there and control your avatar with your body and head. You can fly with the movement of your arms, interact with your team and do other stuff (we don’t want to spoil the surprise) with your hands and by moving your head. This is technology in a completely different level you’ve probably never experienced before.

Cyber Quest is part of Escape Room Israel.

This Escape Room is part of our Best Escape Rooms Guide.

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