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Name: דליקטסן
Address: Yehuda Halevi 79, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Category: Shops

Deli and restaurant. Great chopped liver, smoked salmon, challah, flowers, loads of good stuff. Delicatessen has amazing freshly baked breads, home curated meats and fishes and delicious salads. They have amazing breakfast options and a great variety of stuff you can take home with you.

This restaurant is included in the ‘Best Breakfast in Tel Aviv’ Secret Tel Aviv Guide.

The Delicatessen is part of the amazing R2M chain. The R2M chain includes the Hotel Montefiore,Hotel Montefiore Restaurant, The Brasserie, The Coffee Bar, The Bakery (three locations: Ibn Gvirol next to the Brasserie, Yad Harutsim next to The Coffee Bar, and Kikar HaMedina), Rothschild 12, and the Delicatessen.


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