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Undergraduate English Degrees:

For over 20 years, The College of Law and Business (CLB) has been dedicated to preparing the next generation of Israeli lawyers and businesspeople for challenges facing the 21st century.

We have combined the highest levels of academic excellence with a strong focus on both social and global outreach to cultivate leaders who champion the values of excellence, professionalism, and human rights. CLB recognizes the importance of global exposure in the business and legal fields, and therefore offers a unique series of English programs and educational exchange programs with partner universities worldwide, all dedicated to preparing students to face the evolving and dynamic global challenges.

Another major aspect is the CLB approach towards creating a stronger society. Students participate in legal clinics, tutoring programs and mentoring activities, receiving hands-on experience while making a positive impact on society. CLB faculty members are leaders in their industries fields, and have acquired their degrees and have pursued their post-doctorates at the finest universities in the world. They are an integral part of the academic arena, in which cutting-edge research, stimulating workshops, scholarly publications and international conferences take place.

Degree Offerings:

Business Administration – Full Degree Program Bachelor Degree Duration: 3 Years. Read more.

Bilingual Law School – Full Degree Program Bachelor Degree Duration: 3.5 Years. Read more.

Law & Business – Full Degree Program 2 Bachelor’s Degrees (B.A in Business Admin & LL.B Bilingual) Duration: 4 Years

Student Life

Student Life CLB proudly boasts a multicultural and diverse student body – one that actively represents Israel’s distinct makeup. Each student receives personal care and attention. This, combined with the friendly and supportive environment, allows each individual to reach their potential. By the time students exit our doors, they are fully-equipped to join the professional arena or continue on to receive graduate degrees.

Prizes and Recognition:

  • “1st place at the teaching level and 3rd place overall satisfaction” – Israel Student and Student Union Survey
  • ‘CLB Law and Ethics of Human Rights Journal’ ranked by the Washington and Lee Law Journal Ranking the College’s International Law Journal :
    • 2nd  among 595 International (non-US) law journals
    • 4th among ALL law journals in the world in the area of legal theory and jurisprudence
    • 4th among ALL law journals in the world in the area of human rights
  • Our Students won the International Chamber of Commerce’s Commercial Mediation Competition (ICC), which was held in Paris on Feb. 2017. This is the world’s foremost competition on the subjects of business mediation and dispute resolution. Read more.

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