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Reidman College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, also known as Reidman College, is a private college in Israel founded in Tel Aviv by Sally Reidman.

The college has 5 campuses: Main Campus in Ramat Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, the Kinneret, and Beersheba.

The studies implement both the integrative and complementary medicine philosophies – combining knowledge that has been accumulated throughout Western medical history and traditional healing cultures; natural and holistic.

Periodically Reidman College conducts symposiums a professional meeting in Chinese medicine, with the collaboration of Chinese universities. In this context guests are invited from Israel and abroad to give lectures and workshops.

The college teaches classes on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), tui na, naturopathy, “natural nutrition”, herbal medicine (phototherapy), holistic psychotherapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, neuro- linguistic programming (NLP), energy healing, touch therapies such as reflexology, acupressure  and “integrative” massage therapy and holistic coaching.

Reidman College is affiliated with Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zhejiang Medical University in China.

New Professional Massage Therapist Courses in English

Reidman College is currently launching a new Professional Massage Therapist in English. This special 3 month course will provide intense training that will make you a professional massage therapist !.

The massage programs at Reidman College is at the highest level and give you extended professional knowledge in the field. They are run in professional collaboration with Macabi Tivi.

Now you have the special opportunity to start a carrier in a field that will give you occupational security.  Healing with your hands.

Come to learn in the most unique way (Touch Abilities®) that trains you to be the best in the field and gives you a broad and extensive knowledge that will allow you to learn other modalities with greater ease and deeper understanding.

This school is featured in Secret Tel Aviv’s Prestigious Guide to ‘Best Places to Study in English in Israel 2019’.


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