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Address: Ben Yehuda 32
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Category: Services

Learn to code in 9 weeks. Learn from the best. We never stop learning. It’s why our teachers are the best! We are constantly adapting our syllabus as coding languages advance, to make sure we give students – including absolute beginners – the most relevant and cutting-edge training possible, while teaching them the best approach to problem solving.

Our coding bootcamp is very intense and covers a wide range of coding topics. This can be intimidating if you’re a newbie coder, but remember: our full-stack bootcamp is also made for absolute beginners. To ensure everyone starts on a similar level, our students must complete all Prepwork before the first day of the course. The Prepwork takes between 30 and 40 hours and gives students a basic knowledge of:

Web 101 – how the web works
Terminal – basic commands
Git – basic commands
HTML / CSS – foundations
JavaScript – foundations
Startup mindset – tech workflow

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