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Address: Alfasi 36
Tel Aviv-Yafo

What is StoreMaven?

StoreMaven is an AI-powered mobile marketing platform and a world leader in App Store Optimization. The company invented a new market for App Store analytics and testing, which is now growing rapidly. As they transformed how top mobile companies like Facebook, Uber and Warner Brothers optimize their marketing performance on the app stores, they gained access to a treasure trove of data, built close relationships with top grossing mobile companies, and attained unmatched domain expertise on how the App Stores work.

Today, StoreMaven’s unique macroeconomic perspective on mobile marketing combined with their cutting-edge technology, machine learning, and data science capabilities enables them to build a revolutionary marketing analytics platform that disrupts how companies implement growth strategies on mobile, eventually resulting in much more effective marketing spend.

Why is your company a great place to work?

StoreMaven is a growing company of 30ish ridiculously-talented weirdos working with clients (yes, really working with them, not just we-once-spoke-to-them-now-we- use-their-logo-everywhere working with them). We aim to stay lean to maintain our haven of close-knit, creative, independent, brilliant overachiever-y types, which has allowed us to remain bootstrapped and profitable while still constantly innovating and growing.

StoreMaven is a start-up, both in size and in mentality. You need to be incredibly independent and self-motivated, and want to work for a company that is yours, not just the place where you clock in and clock out.

We don’t do well with massive egos or hierarchy. We all learn a great deal from each other regardless of title, department, age, or experience.

We love what we do, which makes it a whole lot easier to excel—Mavens don’t quit, don’t give up, don’t accept mediocrity in themselves or others. If you want to be passionate about what you do and be proud of things you create… keep reading.

Other cool quick facts?

StoreMaven is located in a refurbished wedding venue! Our gorgeous campus offers the space to flex your creative energies, whether you’re relaxing in our outdoor garden, enjoying a meal created by our on-site chef or brainstorming with your team in our open space offices. Want to get in shape? Grab some time in our on-site gym or join our Pilates class. Tired? Press snooze in our nap room. You can do it all here in style.

This company is featured in Secret Tel Aviv’s Prestigious Guide to ‘Best Companies to Work for in Israel 2019’.

Check out open positions

Check out open positions

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